Wedding Ceremonies

Amazing news! You have decided to get married!
I would love to write your unique 'love story' and acknowledge your journey from the very first day you met to the day you say "I do". I will work with your friends or family members who wish to contribute to the ceremony. Not only will I invest in you as a couple, but i will also spend time getting to know you as individuals. I will also explore more ways of making your ceremony as personal as possible. Capturing your love for each other and supporting you on your special day by creating a truly unique ceremony will be my pleasure.

Have you ever thought about adding something really unique to your ceremony? How about adding hand fasting, a ring warming, group songs or sand ceremony to your special day? I will, also, help you explore more ways of making your ceremony personal to you as a couple. You can have a ceremony that is created by you to reflect your personal beliefs and lifestyle. Weddings officiated by a Celebrant can be performed in licensed and unlicensed venues... the choice is yours! 

I will create a ceremony that is equally as unique and wholehearted as you, celebrating your union in the presence of your nearest and dearest. Contact me to discuss your wedding plans for a free consultation where I can advise you on how to make your special day as magical and individual as it should be.

Let’s get started!


What is Involved?

•    Once you have decided on a venue, we will discuss your plans and ideas in a face to face consultation, if possible. Alternatively, we can talk things through on the phone/Zoom/Skype.
•    I will ask you to complete a questionnaire which I will send to you to put together important details about you, your nearest family and your journey so far. I build your individual love story from this questionnaire and in our face to face meetings.
•    We can discuss how you can personalise your ceremony with a sand ceremony and/or a hand tying ceremony symbolising your union. We can discuss the ring warming/blessing or creating a time capsule. We can discuss creative display of union, too, such as planting a tree.
•    I will work with you to involve your family and friends in the ceremony, if you wish.
•    We can work on your vows together if you haven't already decided on your personal vows. 
•    You can include readings or poems important to you in your ceremony or I can help make suggestions.
•    You may want to incorporate family traditions into the ceremony, or indeed create new ones which reflect who you are. 
•    Your wedding guests can participate in a ring blessing or you can have a group song. 
•    Choosing your music for the ceremony can be really good fun; we will consider music within the ceremony creation.
•    Your ceremony can be as formal or informal as you like. 
•    Once we have reviewed all the details a booking fee secures the date and the writing of your personal script begins!
•    I will share my first draft with you but I will not reveal the final script unless you insist. 
•    I will ensure all is just as you wish during your special day, therefore, I suggest to meet you for a rehearsal a few days before the big day. We can run through the ceremony and iron out any creases.

You are in the driving seat for your perfect ceremony!