Child Naming


Becoming a parent is exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming too. I can help you celebrate this exciting time of your lives, and welcome your new arrival into your family, by holding a special and personal baby naming ceremony.

I am an independent Celebrant who can commemorate your most important life moments the way you would want to – by ensuring that the ceremony is tailored specifically to you. I can perform the baby naming ceremony wherever you like on a beach, the woods, your garden or anywhere else that has a special meaning to you.

You can include symbolic and traditional rituals into your celebration like sand ceremony, tree planting which is a lovely alternative to a more formal and religious christening. A ceremony can be held for any child being welcomed into your family, be it your own, an adopted child or even to acknowledge new siblings coming together as part of a blended family.

Together we will create joyous, meaningful memories for you and your baby as well as the other members of your family.

Sleepy Baby

What is Involved?

  • Once you have decided on a venue we discuss your plans and ideas in a consultation

  • I will ask you to complete a questionnaire to put together important details about you, your family and the baby as well as your parenthood journey so far.

  • We can discuss how you can personalise your baby naming ceremony with a sand ceremony or a tree planting or you can create a time capsule

  • I will work with you to involve your family and other siblings in the ceremony

  • We work on vows and readings you might like to use during the ceremony

  • You may want to incorporate family traditions into the ceremony, or indeed create a new one that can be passed down through future generations

  • You might want to assign supporting adults/mentors/life guides or guard parents

  • Once we have reviewed all the details a booking fee secures the date and the writing of your personal script begins!

  • I will ensure all is just as you want it during this special day