Renewal of Vows

Congratulations on reaching this special milestone in your relationship!

Whether you are celebrating 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years or 50 years together, re-affirming your feelings for one another is a wonderful way to acknowledge all that you have achieved.

Having a ceremony to mark a special anniversary means you can reaffirm your feelings for one another in front of  your nearest and dearest. You can in cooperate elements of your original wedding day, and embrace new ideas that reflect who you are now. You might like to wear a white dress this time because you can. You might have some ideas of your own on how to celebrate your special anniversary.

Your family and friends can be involved in the ceremony if this is your wish. Group vows or even group songs can create a lovely inclusive ceremony and will set the scene for the party that is following.

You may also be, or have been, battling an illness, or be in a situation where you have overcome a bump in the road along your journey together. Celebrating your anniversary together in this way is a wonderful way to confirm your dedication and commitment to one another, and to allow everyone in your life to join in wishing you well for the future.

Wedding Couple

What is Involved?

  • Once you have decided on a venue, we discuss your plans and ideas in a face to face consultation if possible.

  • Alternatively, we can talk on the phone/Zoom/Skype

  • I will ask you to complete a questionnaire to put together important details about you, your family and your journey so far.

  • We can discuss how you can personalise your ceremony with a sand ceremony or a tree planting or you can create a time capsule.

  • I will work with you to involve your nearest and dearest in the ceremony

  • We can work on vows and readings you might like to use during the ceremony

  • You may want to incorporate family traditions into the ceremony, or indeed create new ones which reflect who you are now

  • You can re-exchange vows or share new ones, guests could contribute readings and you can include the re-dedication of rings. 

  • It can be as formal or informal as you like

  • Once we have reviewed all the details a booking fee secures the date and the writing of your personal script begins!

  • I will ensure all is just as you want it during this special day