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Are You Planning to Pop THE Question This Christmas or on New Year’s Eve?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Here are my 5 top tips for your perfect proposal!

You have found the one you love and you want to put a ring on it.

Asking the all-important question “Will you marry me?” deserves an extra special occasion. You might have some ideas for the proposal already, but you are not too sure how to create an unforgettable, magical moment then here are some ideas for you.

Your wedding proposals can be beautiful, extra special and breath-taking, however planning such a proposal can be a little bit over whelming.

Here are 5 top tips on how you can make your wedding proposal to a “happily ever after” a memorable one.

Where do you want to propose?

Think of a place which has a special meaning to you both. Meaningful locations can be close to home or abroad. You could even plan for your romantic proposal in your home.

You could go down on one knee in the restaurant where you had your first date, or your first kiss; Or choose a place that you always wanted to take your future wife or husband.

The location of the proposal is very important and it is an essential part of the proposal planning.

Make it meaningful.

Are you planning to ask for permission from a family member?

Some people are very traditional and they want to seek the blessing from a close family member before they go ahead with the proposal, and that is perfectly ok.

It is your proposal after all! Do it your way

However, some people might not feel the need to gain a blessing, just make sure you are both ok about throwing tradition to the wind.

What type of proposal are you looking for?

You defiantly want your proposal to be personalised and unique. Consider if he or she would want it to be a lavish event with a certain amount of luxury or rather a romantic proposal on the beach at sunset?

You might want to plan beyond a dinner for two in the local Indian, not that there is anything wrong with it but, you can aim higher and create an event that surpasses all expectations.

Make it personal!

What does your future spouse love to do?

What are her or his favourite colours or flowers?

Would it be nice to have live music in the background?

How about a morning hike in the dunes and seeing the words “Will you marry me? “written in the sand below you?

No need to make things awkward – just think about the things you love doing!

Do you know what kind of ring you should buy?

Unless you have had the conversation already, choosing the ring is a super important part of the wedding proposal planning. If you are unsure what he or she might like, enlist the help of a friend or a family member to get some hints and ideas.

Check out her or his Pinterest boards!! You might find a hint there!

I know of a couple where the spouse did not buy the ring the other wanted and it nearly ruined the occasion completely. So, check out her/his Pinterest board!!!

tHow can you capture the occasion?

Make sure someone is there to capture the event when you go down on one knee. The moment he or she said” Yes” will be etched into your memories’ forever and this moment needs to be captured on film. You can hire a photographer who can remain unseen and who will capture the entire event on film from the distance to make sure you can revisit the moment again and again. Or a videographer with a drone could help you to capture the occasion.

Make your wedding proposal the most meaningful and personal moment, because it will create the most unforgettable story that will be told for years to come.

Hopefully by a celebrant like myself.

Good luck and enjoy the moment

Sabine xxx

Engagement Photoshoot
Engagement Photoshoot

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