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Can You Have a Wedding Ceremony Using Handfasting/Tying on the Beach in Cornwall?

Updated: May 1, 2023

YES, everybody can plan a ceremony like this in Cornwall with an independent celebrant.

Handfasting or hand-tying ceremonies has become very popular for today’s modern couples to demonstrate their commitment to each other and to literally “Tie the knot” on their wedding day. This symbolic gesture signifies the coming together of the couple as “One “and it has its origin in Celtic traditions.

Symbolic Gesture, Hand Tying under an ancient oak tree on a private estate in Cornwall
Symbolic Gesture, Hand Tying on a private estate in Cornwall

Hand tying under a 150-year-old oak tree in an ancient woodland setting

During a hand tying ceremony, couples have their hands tied together symbolically, using special ribbons, lace or cords which have a special meaning to them as a couple. They often chose colours from the psychology of colours spectrum, which reflect their feelings, hopes and aspirations for their relationship and their life together. The celebrant will explain the significance of the colours and couples may choose to say their personal vows and/or exchange rings during this symbolic gesture.

Even Cathrine and Prince William were hand tied during their ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Modern hand tying or handfasting ceremonies can take place at the engagement celebration or as the standalone ceremony to declare your commitment to each other. Some couples chose this symbolic gesture as part of a celebrant led ceremony or during a wedding vow renewal celebration.

Romantic Cliff Top Setting, Elopement at Wheal Coats, Cornwall
Romantic Cliff Top Setting, Elopement at Wheal Coats

Wedding vow renewal celebrations have become a very popular occasion to perform a hand tying or hand fasting ritual with ribbons to match their special occasion.

In some instances, couples like to complete their handfasting or hand tying ceremony at dawn or at sunset as part of a pagan ceremony and you do not require proof of a legal marriage.

This type of symbolic gesture is very popular and can be performed as part of a same-sex or an opposite-sex commitment ceremony, and it fits particularly well into a relaxed, romantic and intimate outdoor ceremony on the beach or a coastal elopement, as well as festival like setting.

Symbolic handfasting or hand tying ceremonies can be performed as part of the traditional ceremony.

Bespoke Ceremony and Personal Vows, Cornwall
Bespoke Ceremony and Personal Vows

Vow renewal location overlooking Wheal Coates near St Agnes

Unfortunately, this type of ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony, but it is a private commitment between two people who choose to make a promise and a commitment to each other.

I absolutely love to officiate ceremonies where this ancient symbolic gesture is used to and if you want to tie the knot on a beach in Cornwall or renew your vows at sunset above the cliff tops get in touch with me.

Fabulous Wedding at Prussia Cove, Cornwall
Fabulous Wedding at Prussia Cove

Why don’t you book a free no obligation call with me and we can discuss your special ceremony and how a hand tying or hand fasting gesture can make your ceremony extra special?

Sabine X

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