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Every Dog Has it's Day!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Wedding ceremonies are a family affair with more and more couples considering making their fur babies part of their wedding celebrations. There are plenty of ways for your dog to play an important part during your wedding ceremony with more venues accommodating dogs and other animals during the ceremony as well as the photos.

During a wedding ceremony with an independent celebrant you can be totally flexible as to WHERE you want the ceremony to be, as well as WHAT you want to say during the ceremony. You can also decide HOW you want to accommodate your pet on your special day. Having a celebrant led ceremony in a pet-friendly venue would allow you to have your dog present. Not only can they be present, but they can also play an important part during your ceremony.

You can get very creative when planning your pawfect ceremony; your dog could be the ring bearer or the honourable flower girl. Fury companions arr the most pawfect addition to your truly unique ceremony.

Your four-legged family member could be present when the bride is getting ready or they can take on the important job of walking the bride down the aisle, wearing a special bow-tie outfit or a tutu. You could make a bespoke collar and lead using your own design, which could match your flower colour scheme. How unique would that be?

Your fury friend can be part of the event where you sign the commitment certificate or they could feature during the official family photographs.

Obviously, having your pet at your wedding ceremony could be seen as just another thing you might have to worry about. However, to create a pet friendly environment, couples can book special pet chaperone companies, who will make sure your best friend is looked after during the day or even beyond. They will make sure that your pet arrives on time, washed and looking its absolute best, wearing their special wedding outfit. The dog chaperone will present the dog as agreed for the ring bearing ceremony or to lead the bride down the aisle.

The chaperone might also be able take the pet home once the family photos are in the bag and the ceremony moves on, to ensure the couple can party without worrying about their fur baby.

As your celebrant, I will embrace your choices and I will help you to make your ceremony memorable for all the right reasons.

Below are some Perfect Day Ceremonies recommended pet chaperone companies...

Here are a few ring bearers from previous ceremonies.

Photo credits n order of appearance:

Alexa Poppe Photography

Jessica_ Apps_photography

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James Purssell

Toby Butler photography

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