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Elopements – Small But Perfectly Romantic!!!!

Updated: May 1, 2023

There is nothing more romantic and couple-focused than an intimate wedding celebration, such as an elopement ceremony.

Micro weddings and elopements are a perfect choice to celebrate the start of the rest of your life together.

This fuss and stress-free way to say “I do”, enables couples to create a personal and magical ceremony in surroundings of their choice. For some couples it is important to celebrate their love for themselves first and foremost, before they might celebrate with family and friends.

An elopement is a real alternative to the traditional Big- Brass- Bash ceremony which can set couples back financially and it might not even be AT ALL what they want for their big day, but rather trying to please family members but not themselves.

Small wedding gatherings of up to 14 to 20 people, a so-called Micro wedding, have become a very popular choice for couples. Gatherings like this are personal and focused on you, the couple and your celebrations of the love you have for each other.

Remember: Your day – Your way!!!!

A celebrant let elopement or micro wedding with an independent celebrant can take place indoor or outdoor and these kinds of ceremonies allows you to pause for a while and to cherish the occasion, taking in the enormity and the importance of celebrating your love for each other.

Elopement at Pengelly Retreat, Cornwall
Elopement at Pengelly Retreat, Cornwall

Sometimes you can lose sight of what is important – life can be super, crazy busy!!!!

During an elopement ceremony, an independent wedding celebrant creates a space for couples to allow for this magical experience and a celebrant like myself can help you to personalise your romantic ceremony with personal vows and promises. Throw traditional vows out of the window and write your own vows - telling your partner exactly how you feel about them on your special day.

“For better or for worse- but never for granted”.

Couples can choose symbolic gestures like a ring exchange, hand tying, lighting a unity candle or planting a tree to reflect their love for each other.

Sand Ceremony for a Micro Wedding, Cornwall
Sand Ceremony for a Micro Wedding to include the children in the celebrations

Symbolic gestures are often used to reflect the couples personalities and they are a personal choice. Your gestures can be religious, traditional or cultural experiences completely appropriate to you.

Mark your day with a memorable and unforgettable experiences!

These kinds of ceremonies, whilst profoundly meaningful and magical, are a celebration of the couples love and commitment to each other, with no distractions or restrictions.

Elopement at Pengelly Retreat, Cornwall
Elopement at Pengelly Retreat, Cornwall

Your elopement ceremony or micro wedding will be 100% bespoke and unique and just for the two of you, but it should not be confused with the legally binding civil ceremony which takes part in the registry office.

I love elopement ceremonies and micro weddings because they are utterly romantic, personal and meaningful and a joy to officiate.

And best of all you can have your elopement ceremony anywhere you like. At a coastal setting, or a magical woodland area beautiful and enchanting garden.

Here are some beautiful Elopement destinations I can personally recommend:

Sabine x

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Image 2 - lyra_ and_ moth

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