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Updated: May 1, 2023

8 Positive things you can do whilst you are in Covid lock down and had to postpone your wedding

No doubt that this has been a very frustrating year for many brides and grooms but don’t disappear there are also positives to draw from these everchanging times during Covid and lock down 2. Couples who had to postpone or cancel their special days do now have time to reconsider and reschedule their special wedding ceremony and they can plan and move forward. Here are a few ideas you might like to consider whilst you are re-planning or rescheduling your special day.

  • Get the official and legal bit out of the way and get married in the local registry office. You and 2 witnesses can book the local registry office and the registrar will officiate the legal bit. You have to pay a small fee and once the legal bit is out of the way you can have your special celebration anywhere you like.

  • Consider to reshape your wedding in line with CV 19 rules and look at elopement venues. Cornwall is perfect for elopement weddings as a more private occasion. A wedding celebrant will officiate your ceremony and there are absolutely no limits to your ceremony. You can plan for a traditional wedding ceremony or some thing more adventures like a blessing of the rings or a sand ceremony might be more your thing.

  • Some venues are pretty booked up right now for 2021/22, however you could consider an out of season wedding. An early spring or autumn wedding can be just as special as a summer wedding. There might be more availability at your chosen venue if you consider an out of season booking and your wedding celebrant can conduct the ceremony anywhere you like -on the beach, in a castle or a Yurt- or even a Tipi hut. How about booking a house overlooking the ocean for you special ceremony?

  • A candlelit winter wedding in a cosy cottage in Cornwall overlooking the sea can be the extra special setting for your elopement wedding you were looking for. With your nearest and dearest at your side this might just make up for all the disappointments the virus has brought with it. How about exchanging your vows in front of a roaring fire, alongside a fantastic Christmas tree and Christmas garlands galore? Think of sparklers and lanterns!

  • Plan a micro wedding or a minimony garden ceremony and seek out venues which can offer you a virtual tour online. Wedding planners are more than happy to act on your behalf and check out the suitability to make you dream wedding a reality after all the challenges of 2020. Look forward to work with a wedding planner and a wedding celebrant to make your micro wedding super special in an unusual setting of your choice.

  • Ask potential wedding suppliers for a video call and look at reviews online. You can find recommendations for florists, caterers, wedding planners, cake suppliers, photographers and independent wedding celebrants online and consider using social media groups.

  • Update you Spotify playlist for the big day. You can put together music for the ceremony and for the party yourself. You have the time to do this now. It is great fun create your own playlist. Perhaps you are planning to have a group song on the day.

  • Or you can get creative and learn a new skill. You can make your own favours> or think of creating your own the guestbook and embellish it with your own design. You could make your table decorations or you want to design you own wedding vows. If your ceremony is officiated by a wedding celebrant you can use any vows or readings you like- unlike a wedding with a registrar, where you can only allowed to use their official vows.

As you can see, there is soooooo much to look forward to and to do. After all you are in love and you want to get married and have a special celebration of your union. We all have to adjust during these unprecedented times but I am sure that you will be able to rethink and reschedule you wedding celebrations without having the feeling that you have lost out if you can not have a party with 150 guests. Sometimes less is more!!!

Good luck!!!!!!

Sabine Smith at Precious Day Ceremonies

Ready to Write your Personal and Bespoke Ceremony
Ready to Write your Personal and Bespoke Ceremony

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