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My 5 Top Recommendations for Your Perfect Ceremony in Cornwall

Updated: May 1, 2023

Are you planning to get married in Cornwall but you are unsure where you want your ceremony to take place?

Are you looking for a personal and unique ceremony?

As a wedding celebrant based in Cornwall, I am happy to share my top tips with your ceremony.

On your wedding day, you are looking for a truly unique and personal ceremony that reflects your relationship and your journey so far. Your decision to have a celebrant let ceremony gives you the freedom to have your wedding celebration anywhere you like. The legal registration of the wedding can be done a few days before the ceremony, to allow your bespoke ceremony to take place in the setting you want, with the personal vows and poems or readings that have a special meaning to you. Working with me will give you the opportunity to use symbolic rituals to make the ceremony personal to you.

Here are 5 top recommendations for you to consider for your wedding ceremony

1. Do you want to get married on the beach?

Getting married on one of Cornwall’s most fabulous beaches is the thing dreams are made off. It is not only possible in films or in photographs you see in wedding magazines to have the most romantic beach wedding. You can get married on the beach at sunset or sunrise, whilst the waves are lapping against the shore with the sand between your toes and the breeze in your hair.

The breath-taking view from the cliff top venues overlooking the ocean and the turquoise water is an unforgettable setting for your ceremony and the wedding party that follows. Porthpean House, for example, is one of the most amazing wedding venues by the sea. The Summerhouse in Perranporth offers far-reaching views over the Atlantic Ocean. Ideal for a vow renewal or a smaller more personal and intimate wedding- you might even be able to book the Penthouse apartment too!

2. Do you love nature, gardens and woodland areas? Would you love to be one with nature on your wedding day?

Who does not love the bright colours of spring? Bluebells, azaleas, rhododendrons in abundance and vast shades of green wherever you look. Spring is my favourite season in Cornwall and I would love to officiate your unique ceremony in one of our lovely woodland areas and gardens. My personal favourites are Trebah Garden, Enys Garden and Tremenheere Garden for an epic background for your ceremony and the reception or wedding breakfast.

Outdoor weddings in gorgeous surroundings close to nature might be exactly your thing and I am happy to accommodate your personal wishes for the ceremony.

How about a symbolic ritual for your ceremony like a hand fasting to cement your commitment to one another? A wild Tipi wedding or a Glamping tent for an elopement or micro wedding can be a very romantic setting. A wedding marquee or a large Tipi erected in an open field in the summer in Cornwall is something very special and I work with a number of suppliers to make sure you will have the day you are dreaming off.

Rest assured you are in safe hands when planning your wedding day in an outdoor setting.

3. Why not have your wedding ceremony at home?

You or your family might be extremely lucky to have a suitable garden or outdoor space which could be the ideal setting for your special day. How great would it be to get ready for your special ceremony in your own home or in the home of your childhood? You might have young children and the thought that you have to pack everybody into the car to travel to a hotel to get married can be very daunting and overwhelming. If you choose a celebrant led ceremony in your home or in your family’s home and garden you can share your vows in a very personal and bespoke setting really special to you.

4. You might want to consider a more formal setting for your wedding day or anniversary celebration?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to push the boat out for your special day and book the epic baronial hall in the grounds of a stately home. Having your fairy-tale wedding at a formal setting you have always dreamed off can be absolutely magical. Or walking down the sweeping staircase in a Manor house or castle.

It is your day; have it your way!

You might want to choose a Chateau on the Continent or in a Castle in Cornwall or Scotland. I work with celebrants in Germany and France who are happy to help you make your dream come true for your special day. The Wedding planners, celebrants and venues I work with are very experienced and they will be happy to share their expertise with you. You will find a number of formal venues to choose from in Cornwall and Devon and they are all happy to guide you and help you to make your dreams come true for your epic fairy tale wedding celebration.

5. Why not consider something a bit different for my last top tip for your ideal setting or venue for your wedding?

How about tying the knot on a boat?

Choosing to have your celebrant led ceremony on a sailing boat, a rowing boat or a gin palace would be an absolutely amazing and unusual setting for your special day and as a seafaring nation. I cannot imagine a better place for your epic celebration than a trip out to sea.

As an island we are surrounded by beautiful waterways and fabulous coastal settings.

Having lived in Cornwall since 1999 and I am a keen sailor of smaller vessels, I love spending time on the water. My last big birthday bash was on a boat on the Carrick Roads in Falmouth and what a fabulous party we had!!!

You will find a number of different Charter Companies in Devon and Cornwall who will provide you with the right boat and the crew to make this possible. I would love to officiate your wedding ceremony on a pleasure cruiser or a private sailing boat.

How about saying” I do” whilst you are rowing down the estuary, river or on a lake covered in water lilies?

Why not create unforgettable moments whilst cruising along the beautiful Cornish coastline? This could be the unique setting or the spectacular experience you are looking for to mark the day when you say Yes.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my 5 top tips for venues and settings for your ceremony.

If you are still looking for a celebrant led ceremony for your special day, why don’t you get in touch to see if we can work together?

Email me to book a zoom call with me

Here are some suppliers I can help you get in touch with:











Outdoor Weddings and Elopements, Cornwall

Outdoor Weddings and Elopements, Cornwall

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